Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Un-Amazing Race

We were traveling back from our exile from civilization--I mean our time in Oklahoma--and were near Brilliant, Alabama when Jenn and I started gazing at clouds (not a safe thing to do while driving) and seeing shapes:

"That one is a belly-flopping reindeer"
"That looks like an elephant"
"That looks like a belly-flopping elephant. There beside the belly-flopping reindeer."
"There's E.T."

Jenn then said (in a comment that is truly demonstrative of the power of branding on our culture): "There's the Travelocity gnome!"
I said, "Grab it! Oh, wait we're not on the Amazing Race. Maybe this is the un-Amazing Race."
Jenn responded, "Yeah, I would like to see some of those people travel with a baby and two dogs."

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