Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Madness

The fun never stops!! My parents have a van that we have been using while we are here. Three weeks ago we went out to dinner and to go shopping. All of us went. We were an hour from home. Yes her in the boondocks we have to travel an hour to go shopping and out to dinner. We were getting ready to leave and the van died. My dad tried to start it again and we were able to go about 4 miles in 30 minutes. It died about 8 times. We pull over in a parking lot and call AAA. They said it would be about 75 minutes and only 2 people could ride in the tow truck. My parents called a friend to come and get us. Well 3 hours later the tow truck showed up and we all got home about 11pm. The good news is that Chloe was wonderful. No meltdowns or anything. The van was in the shop for a week and we were able to pick it up on a Friday. The next day we decided to take it and go to Tulsa to the zoo. Tulsa is about an hour and a half away. This time it was just Todd, Chloe, and I. Well we had a great time at the zoo. We were just outside of Tulsa heading home when the van died. Well, we were able to get off the interstate to a McDonalds. We called my dad and we called AAA again and we managed to get home. The most recent update on the van is that it has been in the shop for two weeks now and they have no clue what is wrong with it.
Todd and I sat down the other day and decided when we wanted to head home. We picked a date in July and I decided to go ahead and reserve a van for us. This will end up being divine intervention that I tried to call early. :-). I called Avis, against my better judgement, and they are selling off their vans and don't know if they will replace them. I then called Enterprise and they would be willing to rent us a one way van for the base rate and a dollar a mile. Hello, NO. I then called National and they wanted $2700!!!!! I called Alamo and they won't rent to us because we don't have a major credit card. We only use debit. So we are STRANDED. Well after much consideration, we will be purchasing a minivan. I know, I know, it is against the Dave Ramsey plan but you got to do what you got to do.
On a really happy note, Chloe has two teeth coming in. She is starting to chew on the spoon. She is pulling herself up and tonight she took some steps, with me holding on of course.
On the dissertation front, Todd has finished his last chapter and turned it in and he has just finished the epilogue and is turning that in tomorrow. Woohoo.
Hope everyone is doing well. We miss everyone and are looking forward to getting back to civilization.


  1. Hooray! I mean, not about the van. That's awful. But we are ready to have you guys back! We'll be praying for you!

  2. Jeff just read your post and said tell them to write a movie! Why tell them it is debit and not just a visa/mc to run? I would think they could process it as a credit as well. Glad you all will be back when we get home!

  3. Have fun shopping for vans now! Glad to hear Todd is finishing up! YEAH!

  4. Yippie - sounds like all is going well except your folks van and then needing to purchase one! (mixed blessings); we really love our Hyndai Santa Fe (Limtied ed.), seats let down - plenty of other room; oh, well so much for the commercial! LOL! The van issue sounds exactly like the church bus! Poor kids & Mark got stranded coming back from Bible camp - garage couldn't find anything wrong; then going to Atl. Thurs. stopped again - ON I-75! After cooling off, started again and has been okay - some issues that must be taken care of before they head to TN in July! :) Sure wish we had a benefactor to give us money for a newer model bus! New, but a model year old that they will come down on the price...good suggestion for you guys as well! Makes all the difference in negotiating! Be safe and keep up the blogs! Love you guys!