Thursday, June 25, 2009

SNAKE, In the office, thought you oughta know!!!!!!

Well more excitement on the Oklahoma front. My parents have what we have always referred to as the "outside rooms". They are three rooms out the back door. One is the laundry room and the other two were just junk rooms. They had concrete floors, they were finished rooms but just kind of yucky. Spiders in corners, that kind of thing. They weren't used alot so that is to be expected. Well, a few months ago mom decided she wanted to make them really nice and keep one as the laundry room, turn one into her office and one into an exercise room. They were still a work in progress when we got here. For the time being I was working in my mom's office which was also serving as the nursery. Tight quarters for all involved. A few weeks ago the office and exercise rooms were finished but not the laundry room. They decided to put the laundry room on hold and move mom and I out to the office and make the old office a nice nursery for Chloe and soon to be cousin, Isaac. Now remember, I had to get over my mindset of the nasty outside room and think of it as a nice, modern office. Yeah, right. I moved out there and had to endure a few spiders. I really, really hate spiders. Well, just about 4 days ago, I went out to work in the morning, minding my business, doing my work. I came back in for lunch and went back out about an hour later. My mom had told me she saw a lizard the other day in the laundry room. No fear there, I am only afraid of spiders, so I thought. I sat down at my desk, turned on my music and propped my feet up. Yes, I was really working. I see movement out of the corner of my eye, on the edge of my desk in the corner. I automatically think, oh that must be the lizard. I see a tongue stick out, then I see a TAIL, SLITHER OFF MY DESK. Holy toledo batman, THERE IS A SNAKE IN THE OFFICE ON MY DESK. I run screaming out of the office, my mom calls my dad, Todd tries to calm me down and Chloe is blissfully unaware of anything going on. The snake is killed and I move my stuff back into the house and am now sharing the dining room table with Todd. Oh how this wouldn't have happened in Tallahassee. :-) I may have spent most of my life in the country but I am a city girl.

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