Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oklahoma. . . where the wind goes sweeping down the plain

Things I Like About Oklahoma
1) The world is quiet here.

2) There is like no one around. Seriously, we are on 53 acres. Space, space, and more space.

3) We can see the stars at night.

4) Braums! If you have never eaten there, you unfortunately do not what you are missing.

5) I've gotten a lot of work done.

6) I don't need to take the dogs out on a leash.

7) There is no traffic signal. Just a four-way stop. That should tell you what traffic is like.

8) Ricochet concert (They're the hardest working band in country music)

Things I Don't Like About Oklahoma
1) Did I mention there is no one around? We need to go 30 minutes to get anywhere. I mean Wal-mart is 30 minutes away. So is McDonald's. 30 minutes. Other stuff is an hour away.

2) Tornados and tornado warnings.

3) Snakes in the office.

4) Dirt roads. Cars are a mess.

5) No public libraries. Reading is fanudmantle. There are like three resale shops, however.

6) Did I mention tornados and tornado warnings?

7) All our good friends are back in Tallahassee.

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